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Solar panel installation Melbourne

Not all solar panels and batteries are compatible

Do I have battery ready solar panels?

Not all solar panels are battery ready . Earlier solar panels were connected to the grid . Any excess power generated was either fed back into the grid or wasted Information about the panels should be available from the supplier

Call us any time

...you can always be assured to contact us via phone and email to answer any of your questions throughout the process of going solar. Our Solar Panel Installation Melbourne team is professional and well trained.

We don’t expect you to be an expert about every facet of solar. That’s our job!
Perfect Energy Solar aim to provide you with expertise and knowledge to clearly present and install a solar system that best meets your needs for your household or business. We’ll navigate with you the rebate reservation systems, city permitting, and, most importantly, engineer a custom system just for you.
Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied with the final most efficient cost affective Solar System. After all, this is a permanent fixture on your home! Our workers don’t take shortcuts.

Solar Panel Installation Melbourne

How long will it take?

Step 1:
Sign up
Once you’ve signed the contract and decided on a method of payment, Perfect Energy Solar will complete your paperwork to ensure your grid connection and solar panel installation is approved.

Step 2:
Solar Panel Installation Melbourne
This is the day when your physical solar system will be installed. Depending on your system’s size and location, it shouldn’t take more than a day.

Step 3:
Grid connection
An independent assessor from your electricity distributor will check the system to allow it to be activated and interact with the grid.

Step 4:
Active solar
You’re now connected and enjoying solar power. Congratulations on making a smart energy choice.

The Challenge of Solar Power

The challenge of solar power is faced by around the world, least of all Australia It is an endless supply of renewable energy Used extensively around the world The video deals with the Stirling Engine which uses solar power to drive the engine as well Exploring technologies and concepts which are attempting to use solar energy, and the political and financial obstacles to their successful adoption

Please view The Challenge of Solar Power which outlines the history and the future of solar power.

Perfect Energy Solar provides:

They are qualified electricians, who have extensive experience in this area

Give Roger or Julian a call and they would be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as arrange and onsite visit to give you a quote.

Phone: 0412 090 094 or 0414 801 137. They would be happy to discuss your needs for your business or home.

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Solar panel installation Melbourne

Solar panel installation Melbourne

Solar panel installation Melbourne

Solar panel installation Melbourne
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