Lower Electricity Costs

When you begin to generate your own solar power, your electricity bill can drop significantly. People start thinking about Solar panel deals

How much you can save will depend on the size of your solar power system and your family's or business electricity usage

Finding the best deals for you

The most important factor when choosing a solar panel installer is not just the solar panel deal that us being offered, but most importantly is to ensure that they are “Clean Energy Council Accredited”.

Perfect Energy Solar employs only those electricians that are accredited

This is a qualification that they need in order for the government to pay out its rebates.

This also means that you can be confident that they have been trained in the safe installation of Solar Power Systems.

Solar Panel Deals

Solar Panel Deals aren’t always what they seem to be - often the cheapest deal does not cope with the harsh Australian environment Unprotected cable used in the cheaper installations simply won’t last. This is important to consider when thinking about your solar panel installation.

Perfect Energy Solar use good quality UV protected conduit. In addition, we use top quality stainless nuts and bolts and we take measures to protect your system from galvanic corrosion.

Perfect Energy Solar can organise the best solar panel deals for its customers. We do the electrical hook up the grid and we are very experienced at what we do.. Our staff have accreditation with the Clean Energy Council

Our highly trained staff ensure a top quality job. Our family business is located in Melbourne and we will still be there long after the other cheap guys have fled the area

CONTACT Perfect Energy Solar Quote

Perfect Energy Solar Quote

Perfect Energy Solar | Melbourne| Commercial Domestic Industrial work| Quality work the first time|0414 801 137

REC : 18837
Address: 26 Best St Fitzroy North 3068 Melbourne, Victoria
Phone: 0412 090 094
0414 801 137
Email: admin@perfectenergy.com.au

Perfect Energy Solar provides:

They are qualified electricians, who have extensive experience in this area

Give Roger or Julian a call and they would be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as arrange and onsite visit to give you a quote.

Phone: 0412 090 094 or 0414 801 137. They would be happy to discuss your needs for your business or home.

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