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Perfect Energy Solar provides an eco-friendly professional solar panel cleaning and maintenance service in the greater Melbourne area.

Our aim is to optimise efficiency, protect your panels and equipment and maximise your systems output. We ensure maximum energy conversion from your solar panel installation.

Solar panel manufacturers recommend cleaning and maintenance of solar panels on a regular basis to improve electrical output, maximise the life of your solar system and reduce the risk of breaching manufacturer and installer warranties.

Australian Standard (AS5033) also states “….that the P.V. array should be cleaned periodically…..”

The value of clean solar panels with more bang for your buck

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean and Save More On Your Electricity Bills!

Our residential and commercial solar panel clean & service includes:

1. A comprehensive solar panel clean
2. A thorough preventive maintenance check
3. A detailed maintenance inspection
4. A full written report of our findings on completion.

In most cases, you will save money by keeping your system clean and maintained which means the benefits will pay for this service and put money back in your pocket.

Don’t risk injuries by falling off your roof, damaging your panels or voiding warranties by letting your maintenance lapse. Let a professional take care of your solar system. You’d be crazy not to do it!

Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne

Perfect Energy Solar uses advanced state of the art equipment in our unique cleaning system that ensures a perfect clean every time. This system is safe for your solar panels and friendly to the environment.

Here are some of the benefits of our solar panel cleaning system:

  • Uses 100% de-ionized purified water, this leaves no spotting or residue from mains water supply
  • Safe for rain water storage systems
  • No detergents or harmful chemicals
  • Minimal water usage (0.5 litres per panel.)
  • Water fed wash pole with scratch free brush head
  • Removal of the following list of contaminants will significantly impact on the efficiency of your solar panels ability to perform at its maximum power production.
  • Dirt and dust build up.
  • Bird and Bat faeces.
  • Saps and Pollen.
  • Moss, mould and mildew.
  • Salt water crystallization, which is prevalent in coastal areas.
  • Mains water mineral deposits as a result of hosing your panels.
  • Industrial and commercial residues.
  • Carbon and soot from vehicles and heavy transport exhaust.

If you have had your solar panels for a period of over 6 months without a solar panel clean then you are due for one. Cleaning your solar panels looks after your investment by maintaining your panels and your solar panel efficiency

How do I clean solar panels?

Keep Safe When Cleaning Solar Panels Use Safety Equipment

Solar panel cleaning usually requires getting on to your roof to manually inspect and clean your solar panels. You should take every caution to ensure your safety. Personal safety equipment and safety ropes should be used especially on sloping rooves.

My solar panels are not working

Clean Solar Panels Generate More Power

Have your solar panels stopped working? Have your solar panels slowly stopped generating power? Chances are dirty solar panels are the cause. Any film of dust, dirt and debris can be filtering and blocking UV rays and costing you 100's in savings on your power bill.

How often should I have solar panels cleaned?

Solar Panel Clean and Optimise Your Solar Energy

Solar panels need to be cleaned every 4 to 12 months and depending on various factors like: where you live, your surroundings and of course weather conditions.

For instance if you live near the ocean and you get a lot of ocean spray you may need to clean them every 4 or 5 months whereas if your house is surrounded by trees that drop leaves on your panels and you have a low pitched roof you may need to clean them every 6 months.

What does it cost to have solar panels cleaned?

Call Perfect Energy Solar For An Obligation Free Quote

Cleaning solar panels is quoted individually on the amount of panels and the location of your panels.

Call Perfect Energy Solar for an obligation free quote on: Phone: 0412 090 094
0414 801 137

How do I maintain solar panels?

Keep Solar Panels Clean And Free From Dirt and Debris

Maintaining solar panels by a regular thorough clean will ensure the efficiency and longevity of your solar panels. Whilst most solar panels are built to withstand harsh weather and climate they generally offer no guarantee against the effect dirt, debris and animal droppings can have. Cleaning you solar panels from dirt and debris will ensure they are working to their full potential and maintain your investment for years to come.

Perfect Energy Solar is fully insured for you and your panels protection. We use a safety harness for difficult and dangerous rooves.

Perfect Energy Solar - cleaning solar panel all suburbs across Melbourne

Perfect Energy Solar provides:

They are qualified electricians, who have extensive experience in this area

Give Roger or Julian a call and they would be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as arrange and onsite visit to give you a quote.

Phone: 0412 090 094 or 0414 801 137. They would be happy to discuss your needs for your business or home.

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Are You Getting the Most From Your Solar System?

Solar Panels working at their best

solar panel cleaning Melbourne

Stage one is a comprehensive clean of all surface contaminates from your solar panels to maximise your energy production.
See below

solar panel cleaning Melbourne

Solar System Servicing

Stage two is a preventative maintenance check of cell condition and in stage three we inspect your system performance.

solar panel cleaning Melbourne

solar panel cleaning Melbourne

solar panel cleaning Melbourne

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