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Need a Solar Installer? PERFECT ENERGY SOLAR has installed commercial and residential solar systems for many commercial businesses and Melbourne homes over the years. We have been instrumental in help our clients secure thousands of dollars in savings. Our expert solar crews work throughout Melbourne. We provide 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today for a free estimate of your Solar Power requirements.

All Perfect Energy Solar offers in depth quantified solar power solutions including:

  • Free Estimates – we offer free estimates to contractors, home owners, and developers looking for bids on commercial or residential solar hot water, solar electric, solar radiant floor heating, and solar pool heating.
  • Design & Engineering - our professional engineers and experienced solar designers will develop a solar system design that complies with local building codes and CSI regulations.
  • Installation – our hardworking and efficient crews of installers has installed hundreds of solar systems throughout the Melbourne area, we will arrive punctually on the day agreed upon and do a no fuss installation.
  • Service & Maintenance– we provide excellent customer service and system maintenance, and are on call 24/7 for emergencies.
  • Monitoring – we install monitoring equipment on your solar system to measure energy saved.

How solar  power heats  your Solar Hot water system

Solar Hot Water Systems -Heating for your Home

Solar hot water heating is very common all over the world...wherever energy is expensive. In Melbourne currently most people have cheap natural gas. However, to reduce carbon emissions, the Government is now offering a rebate to those who install solar hot water systems that offset natural gas. In addition, This reduces the cost considerably of an average solar hot water system for domestic use.

The more people in a home, the more hot water is used, justifying a larger system with a faster payback. Savings are even greater for electric or propane water heating systems.

Solar Residential Overview

Residential solar applications include pool and spa heating, hot water heating, radiant floor or space heating and electricity. Solar pool heating has always enjoyed a fast payback, usually between 4 - 6 years. Solar hot water systems for domestic use are small, simple systems. Space heating systems usually start out as hot water systems, with extra collectors and storage for winter heat. Sometimes we install large combined "hybrid" system that provide hot water year-round, pool heating in the spring, summer and fall, and space heating in the winter. Lastly, solar electric systems provide electricity, with varying paybacks based on rebates and electric rates in your area. As experts on all of the above, we can help you determine which most important for you, and how best to apportion your available roof area.

Solar Heating for Pool & Spa

A solar pool heater absorbs heat with solar thermal panels to warm water that is pumped into your pool or spa. This increases your pool temperature by 10 to 15 degrees, providing at least 6 to 7 months of comfortable swimming. Whether it be an economical plastic design, better looking three-season copper, or year-round glazed copper systems, we can design the best configuration possible for your swimming pool and spa heating needs. There are no tax credits for pool systems, yet they typically enjoy very fast paybacks. The most important thing for a homeowner to know about these systems is that the collectors should NEVER be installed flat and must drain by gravity back to the pool at night... or they will not last very long!

Solar Radiant Floor Heating

Solar radiant heat comes from heated water flowing through PEX tubing inside a concrete slab under your floor - it can’t be seen or heard, but it’s certainly felt! Solar radiant heating is more energy efficient than electrical or gas heat, and provides a warm cozy feeling without the uneven drafty feeling that forced air heat often produces. Radiant floor heat also provides relief from asthmatic conditions as there is no dirt, viruses, or dust being blown around the home. A hybrid solar system on new construction can provide year-round hot water, winter radiant floor heating and spring-summer-fall pool heating all in one system.

Commercial Solar Services

Multi-Family Dwelling Owners to Benefit the Most!

For the first time in history, solar hot water systems (SHW) will pay for themselves in one to three years! This is due to simultaneous incentives now being offered the Federal government. This “perfect storm” of incentives has aligned to make this the most profitable time for businesses and apartment owners to invest in solar hot water systems.

Repairs & Service Calls –

At Perfect Energy Solar customer service is priority number one, and you can reach us 24/7 via telephone in case of emergency. Our installers and maintenance crews are professional, responsive, and friendly.

Perfect Energy Solar provides:

They are qualified electricians, who have extensive experience in this area

Give Roger or Julian a call and they would be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as arrange and onsite visit to give you a quote.

Phone: 0412 090 094 or 0414 801 137. They would be happy to discuss your needs for your business or home.

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Solar Hot water systems – how they work

Solar Hot water systems – how they work

Solar Hot water systems – how they work
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